by Jeanne Carley

WOODSIDE, CA - February 5, 2005: Just a quick note to let you know that Assemblymember Paul Koretz is the new author for a ferret legalization bill this year. Mr. Koretz is a fan of ferrets and we look forward to working with him to change the law in California.

I encourage you to take a moment to write a note of thanks to Assembymember Koretz. Quite frankly it is quite a bit of work to author a bill and we should let him know in advance how grateful we are. If you have a story to tell about losing your ferrets to DFG or having to leave them behind in another state, please let him know but make your letter very, very short, no longer than two paragraphs (one page only!) Here is his address:

Assemblymember Paul Koretz
9200 Sunset Blvd., PH-15
West Hollywood , CA 90069

Here is his e-mail:

Currently there is not yet a bill number but when there is I will let you know so you can sign up on our web site,, for more information via the Government's e-mail subsciption as well as my updates if you wish. At that time you will be able to read the bill and follow it's progress. But you will be asked and it is vital, that you participate by writing letters in support to your Assemblymembers and State Senators. Sitting back and watching what happens is fatal in this business. I urge you to all get involved this year!

I will be away from my e-mail from today until Feb. 22nd so please don't send any messages my way until after I return. Also, please keep in mind that I will be very, very busy trying to help with the bill and still stay in business. Many questions you might have can be found on the web site but I will answer as many e-mails as I can, when I can.I will not be able to help with any school projects due to time constraints, sorry.

Jeanne Carley
Californians for Ferret Legalization

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