by Jeanne Carley

WOODSIDE, CA - October 5, 2004: Bob Naylor, our lobbyist, spoke with the Governor's staff recently about his veto of SB 89 and was told that the Governor wants to be proactive on the ferret issue but that SB 89 was just too bureaucratic to sign into law. I think we have to assume that some kind of environmental document is anticipated by the Governor's office but it is unclear at this point if a full-blown EIR or a less time consuming and costly document would be accepted. Since the chinchilla, water buffalo and camel were removed from the same list the ferret is on without any environmental documents, and because they were determined to be domesticated, we believe no study is necessary.

In any case, all is not lost on the ferret front. It seems that the Governor's Office wants to move this issue forward which is terrific news. We'll have to see what shape that interest takes but I think we should all be encouraged by this information.

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