Vet Legalization Bill signed into Law

On September 10, 2002, Governor Davis signed AB-3055 into law making it legal for California veterinarians and their employees to see and treat ferrets without fear of prosecution from the Department of Fish & Game. Specifically the language in the bill, in Section 1 says "Section 4826.2 is added to the Business and Professions Code, to read:… a veterinarian, registered veterinary technician, or an unregistered assistant working under the supervsion of a veterinarian, may provide veterinary care and treatment for any animal restricted pursuant to Section 2118 of the Fish and Game Code."

The language of the bill goes on to say, "No veterinarian… has a duty to advise law enforcement if he or she becomes aware that one or more of the animals is possessed in the state." Although the bill covers additional issues, the language pertinent to veterinarians and ferret owners appears on page 2 (and we've hi-lited it) of the Acrobat file downloaded from the California Senate website.

Folks, there are still of lot of veterinarians in California who refuse to see or treat ferrets in the mistaken belief that they are legally at risk for doing so. If you know of such a vet, please print out the file and give or fax it to the clinic. If the vet doesn't believe the authenticity of the document, he or she can see and/or download it themselves directly by following these instructions:

To find the bill yourself, go to the California Senate website and click on the Legislation link in the left column. On the Bill Information screen that appears, choose "2001-2002(PRIOR)" in the Session box, and type "3055" in the Bill Number box. Make sure that House says "Both" and Order Search Results By is set to "Bill Number." You will see on the next page to appear a list of all the documents pertaining to the bill. Choose either of the Chaptered (meaning signed into law by the governor) versions and download either the html or Acrobat version.

This is a list of Ferret-Friendly Vets in California that has been compiled by friends and members of Ferrets Anonymous. Ferrets Anonymous makes no claims as to the quality and/or experience of the included vets. Please choose your vet as carefully as you would your own doctor.

Listings in this directory can be queried by telephone area code, city, county, or Zip Code. Since the Vet Directory is “Ferret-Friendly,” many vets who may be located in your town, but who do not treat ferrets, will not be listed.

If your ferret’s veterinarian is not listed please email us directly so we can update our information. Likewise, if your vet has a change in practice, address, phone number, or if any other information in their listing is different than what we have printed, please let us know so we can correct it. If you know a vet who no longer treats ferrets, please tell us. When emailing us with updates, please include all information from the current listing. We are constantly updating the Directory so any information you can provide is appreciated.



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