Maps Around the California Checkpoints

When entering California from any major highway, you will have to stop at a checkpoint where they will most likely ask you if you have "any fruits or vegatables?" Sometimes they will ask you about plants or animals.

If you keep your ferret and any ferret paraphernalia or cages out of sight, you should go right through. The only time people seem to get caught is when they are unaware of the ban on ferrets. Folks with out of state license plates are most at risk for a thorough vehicle inspection.

Thank you to the author for providing us with new and updated maps. Below the map file downloads are his comments as to why and how he made them. He welcomes your feedback and requests that your email be sent to him.

Heads Up If You Are Driving Into California

Anyone coming into California with ferrets pay attention!!! All of the Agricultural Inspection Stations are open again and will inspecting ALL vehicles entering California. Truckee has a new station slated to be open soon, so the old bypass will no longer work. (The bypass for the new station is on the Ferrets Anonymous website).

TAKE NOTE We have been told the Ag Station by pass route coming into CA from Yermo on I-8 is not a viable route any longer. If anyone can verify a new route, please contact the Ag Station coordinator at ferretfool@yahoo. com

Rescue has picked up numerous ferrets, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, Quaker parrots, and a raccoon in the last few months.

Please, Please, Please!!! Take care of your animals if you are coming into California. If you go to the "Avoid The Check Point" section on this website, there are directions around the Ag Stations.

If you would like to volunteer to drive ferrets out of state from an Ag station (they must be driven out immediately) please contact the Ag Station rescue coordinator: ferretfool@yahoo. com.

Volunteers are desperately needed in Southern California.


The following files contain maps around the California Agricultural Checkpoints which you may download individually or enmasse. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. We at Ferrets Anonymous do not guarantee their accuracy, and we do not advocate breaking the law.

  • I-5 -- Entering California from Ashland, Oregon.
  • I-80 -- Confirmed several times, it can be followed on, if you so like.
    1. Exit I-80 Hirschdale Rd. exit #194 (also Boca reservoir exit) ~10 miles east, before Truckee
    2. Loop south under freeway 1/2 mile
    3. Stay right @ wye onto Glenshire Drive heading southwest (no signs @ this wye.
    4. Continue on Glenshire ~8 miles through community of Glenshire to Donner Pass Rd. (tee @ end of the road)
    5. Turn right on Donner Pass and follow signs to loop back onto I-80 west.

  • I-8 -- Entering California from Yuma, Arizona.
  • I-10 -- Entering California from Phoenix, Arizona.
  • I-40 -- Entering Needles, California from Kingman, Arizona.
  • I-15 -- Entering California from Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • U.S. 50 -- Entering California from South Lake Tahoe, Nevada
  • U.S. 101 -- Entering California from Brookings, Oregon.
  • I-97 -- Entering California from Klamath Falls, OR via Dorris to I-5 in Weed, CA

    When entering Dorris, Ca via I-97 from Klamath Falls, OR avoid turning right to continue on I-97 in the middle of town. Instead, turn left on 4th street over the railroad tracks and follow the paved road back to I-97 several miles south of the inspection station. At 0.4miles heading east ofn 4th street, follow the paved road by turning right on Dorris Brownell Road. Continue south then east for 1.1 mile and turn right (south) with the pavement on East Butte Valley. Continue meandering on the pavement for 6 miles to a instersection tee. Turn right (west) at the tee on Shady Dell towards I-97 for 5.7 miles. Turn left after the railroad track back onto I-97 south towards I-5 in Weed, Ca and don't look back.Hope you enjoyed the rural ranching scenic loop.

    This route has never been verified by us, but has been submitted by a member.

  • California Ag Station Maps -- Contains all eight of the above maps.


NEAR Susanville, California


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