Ferret Picks ... and Ferret Pans

FROM: The FerretPaw Print, July/August 2000
ARTWORK: Mel Drake

The Great Outdoors

Ferret Picks..
In a state where our favorite furry children are illegal aliens, it is hard to feel safe brining them outdoors. But a ferret frolicking in the sun is such a great thing to see. If possible, find a good friend's home with an enclosed grassy back yard and ask to bring your ferret for a visit. Bring the harness and leash, just to be on the safe side, and set your kid up on the grassy yard.

You will never laugh so hard as when your little one plays "snake in the grass". It is the cutest thing to see. They slither, they slide, they pounce. In fact, they do about everything but walk when playing out in a grassy area. And should a leaf or small twig "accidentally" fall in their path, you might be surprised to see a bit of that old-time hunting instinct take over when your ferret jumps to get that doomed leaf (although they have no idea what to do when they get it! But boy, do they enjoy getting it!). Give your ferret some time to play in the sunshine, and you will see a very happy ferret.

And Ferret Pans
Ferrets frolicking in a contained grassy yard are usually pretty safe. But do consider the yard and it's surroundings before letting the little ones run loose! In the home, our ferrets may come when we call, or to the squeak of a favorite toy, but outside, good luck getting him or her back if he or she decides to run and you do not have the harness on! They don't know all the dangers that lurk in the great outdoors... all they are used to is their safe home environment. They may have never met a dog or a cat, nor had to watch for a hawk. And more importantly, they may meet a non-ferret friendly dog or cat who will see your child as a playtoy and accidentally kill your little one.

Also, as well as checking for other critters that might pose a threat, ask if the yard was recently fertilized or not. A little bit of lawn fertilizer recently applied to a lawn that your whole ferret's little body is slithering through, could be applying a deadly coating of pesticide all over his or her fur! The last thing you want this wonderful outing to bring is a sick or dead friend the next day. And be extra alert to dangers in parks.

Always ask about the environment you will be playing in. A few questions now can save your pet from harm.

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