Ferret Picks ... and Ferret Pans

FROM: The FerretPaw Print, March/April 2000
ARTWORK: Mel Drake

Peanuts and Erasers

Ferret Picks..
Have you ever received a large package in the mail and opened the box near your ferret? Well, as you know, no self-respecting ferret can resist the lure of a new box in the house -- especially when that box contains protective padding we all know as "peanuts," those small foam peanut-shaped things that float all over the house and stick to everything due to static electricity.

Want to give your ferret a thrill? Put him in the emptied box with the peanuts! Your little friend will swim through them, having an absolute blast. It is extremely fun to watch the little guy playing, and reminds me of children playing in ball bins. A word of warning however: playing in foam peanuts is a highly supervised activity. You never want to leave your ferret along in the box, as the critter may decided to take a chomp in one of those peanuts in lieu of dinner, and end up with a blockage.

And Ferret Pans
Erasers and rubber bands are a favorite ferret non-toy. Just today I caught my little one stealing a rubber band and dragging it under the bed. These common household items are rubbery and chewy - two traits that make them irresistible to ferrets. But, these items much be kept out of reach! If a ferret gets a hold of an eraser off a pencil, or the rubber band off the newspaper, most likely the ferret will end up with a rubber blockage and require surgery. Please keep these items and all small rubber things out of reach


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