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FROM: The FerretPaw Print, November/December 1999

Ferrets on TV

Ferret Picks..
A Ferret Pick is the best of the best in ferretdom... A ferret's (and their person's) favorite things and recommendations how to find them.

Ferrets, Ferrets everywhere! You are hearing them on radio spots for Budweiser, and seeing them on the Bud commercials. They have also been seen in other commercials lately for other companies. But, best of all, there are currently at least two television series featuring ferrets on a regular basis.

In "Providence," (Friday evenings, 8:00 PM on NBC) a Doctor leaves a big city plastic surgery business to return to her home in Providence, Rhode Island, where she lives with her father who happens to be a veterinarian! Frequently ferrets are visiting the vet, who runs the business out of their home, and the characters all take part in the ferret's rehabilitation.

The other series is a wonderful surprise. Does everyone remember the best ferret movie ever made, "The Beastmaster?" Well, now there's a whole new "Beastmaster" series on the WB, usually shown Saturday afternoon or Sunday late-night. If you thought Kodo and Podo were just cute ferret names, wait till you see them rescue Dar (our hero) and his friends by stealing the key they need from a guard's pocket, or rolling rocks onto a frozen lake to break it up, or just providing the cutest distraction ever while Dar saves the day. If you haven't seen it yet, this show is great fun for all ferret enthusiasts

And Ferret Pans
Unfortunately, with the media, we often hear more bad news than good news. And it is very hard to cull the real truth out of a crazy story shown on the local newscast. We have all heard the stories of a ferret who "bit off a baby's face." But the truth: The ferret and the child were neglected by irresponsible parents who had left the house to go out, leaving the starving animal in the crib with the child, whom they left unsupervised. Who would do that with any animal, especially one that has not been fed for a few days?

Stories like this one are extremely prevalent on the internet. My Aunt recently received an email about a ferret that attacked a baby for no apparent reason, and chewed on the child's face. Sound familiar?

We all need to work hard to combat these constantly recirculating wild stories by putting out the truth Ferrets don't hurt and attack people. People do.

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