The 2005 Roundup Photos are here!

Photos taken at the Twelfth Annual Ferrets Anonymous Roundup
Saturday, March 26, 2005
Pasadena, California

Bob Church, Guest Speaker on Ferret Health,
& Ferret Enrichment

Attendee's to the 12 Annual Ferret Roundup held in Pasadena, California.

Preparing for 1st Guest Speaker, Dr. Dawson.

Golden State Ferret Society selling monogrammed ferret fabric products

Jewelry Booth

Bev, attendee with October P. of Biggest Little Ferret Shelter in Reno, Nevada

Guest Speaker Dr. Dawson on Ferret Medical Conditions.

Guest Speaker Dr. Bronwyn Dawson

Dr. Bronwyn Dawson with Spleen X-ray

Bonnie and Scott, Roundup Attendee's.

Pat Wright, Officer, Ferrets Anonymous

More Attendee's

Robin J. sells Roundup Raffle Tickets

Leigh, winner of the Pretty Pets Natural Gold for Ferrets Food silent auction.

Products for sale from Biggest Little Ferret Shelter, Reno, Nevada.

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