What Is It About Ferrets?

AUTHOR: Anthony, the Cleaning Guy
FROM: The FerretPaw Print, July/August 2000

I remember my first encounter with a ferret. It was at a pet store in Colorado. There were about six babies in a cage and I asked the clerk "What kind of rats are these?" In a rather curious voice, she replied, "These are not rats, they are ferrets!" She has a grin on her face and looked at me awkwardly. During my eight year venture in Colorado, that was the only time I saw a ferret. As a native Californian I was never exposed to a ferret. I wonder why?

During a trip to California, I visited a couple of dear friends. While catching up on the juicy gossip, out of no where came a ferret. My heart started pounding, every hair on my body stood up on end. Trying to act calm, gossip took a back seat to watching these strange creatures, as you can imagine. Talk about a short visit.

I recently moved back to California to achieve one of my dreams, to obtain a college education. No one ever told me I would be a starving student. As any college student knows, the cash flow goes one way: out. My friends offered me a job cleaning house. "Ah, but the ferrets!" I thought. But wave money in front of a starving student and they will do almost anything. Before I even had a chance to think, I became the "cleaning guy." My fear subsided quickly. After all, what can a two pound ferret do to an almost six foot man? Nothing. Ferret just have a bad rap.

While cleaning my friends' house, I noticed the devotion, passion, and loving care they gave to their ferrets. I always asked myself why? I wish I could mention their names, I feel they deserve so much credit for their unselfishness in supporting Ferrets Anonymous.

I have learned to see ferrets as earth friendly dust mops. Always in my way, running across my shoes, messing up the bed I just made, having parties with the trash from the trash cans, forget the vacuum cleaner, its a free joy ride. I felt as if my friends needed to hire a babysitter, not a housekeeper. I guess I have grown to like them. Okay, I admit it, I really adore them. It is amazing that a lack of knowledge could have lead to a fear of them.

My hope is to enlighten someone who has not had the opportunity to meet a ferret. You do not have to own a ferret to join the fight of legalizing ferrets in California. It is amazing; California has laws to protect almost everyone and anything, including our environment. California has laws to protect domestic animals, including prosecution for anyone committing an infraction of the law. However, there are no laws protecting domestic ferrets in California.

Everybody can help by supporting Ferrets Anonymous. Trust me, ferrets all across California are counting on you.

The Cleaning Guy

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