Ditto's Opinion on the Matter
FROM: The FerretPaw Print, November/December 1999

Those that understand ferret "poopology" and our Legislative battles would appreciate this.

The facts of the following case are true - not even the names changed to protect the innocent.

I let the fuzzbutts up for their usual morning run while I cleaned cages.

"Ditto" saunters his way into my office. I meant to close the door, as I was sorting paperwork & had small piles of paper around the floor, on the desk, etc. So into the office I go to retrieve the wayward wanderer, when I hear the sound of "poop-making" under the desk. I drop to my knees to look under the desk and catch Ditto backing into the corner standing on some papers!

Oh NO!! I need those!

I pulled him out to scold him (it was so unlike Ditto to not look for a litterpan), when I "very carefully" picked up the papers to see if I could rescue them. At the top, I could read "Senate California Legislature" and Page 2: "Sincerely, Patrick Johnston"

The rest was temporarily illegible, under Dittos' unfettered "opinion" of the Senator's quote of "irreparable damage to the many species of animals and plants native to this state by feral ferret populations". The only portion untouched was "I am sorry we do not agree on this issue. Thank you for your input on this measure."

Verdict: Ditto - "Not guilty!"


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