Ferrets Predict Earthquake
AUTHOR: Anonymous
FROM: The FerretPaw Print, November/December 1999

Being a true procrastinator, I was working on my taxes Wednesday night before the final due date to get them in. If it were not for this, I would not have been sitting at a card table in the living room where I could watch something I had never seen before.

My boys have the run of most of the house. Because of this they usually don't hide their toys and they never work as a team.

I will do anything not to work on my taxes, so I started to watch what the boys were doing. Several of them were gathering their toys and stuffing them under a piece of furniture. One or two would bring the prized possession to the base of the furniture and another one would either push the toy under or pull it under.

My sister came over for me to do her taxes and we watch the phenomenon together. After a short while, we looked at each other and said "There is going to be an earthquake."

Thursday morning she called and was really quite upset. All the toys in her house had been hidden overnight. Now we knew for sure we were going to have an earthquake. We both told a few people at work what had happened and of course took some good natured ribbing. But come Monday morning, it was a different tune everyone was singing.

Early Saturday morning we were awakened by a rather gentle rolling earthquake. I called my sister and we were both quite amazed. My boys behavior changed during the next couple of weeks. They stayed out of sight and were rather low key, not their usual selves.

Here people spend all this money trying to find a way to predict earthquake, when all you really need are some illegal pets, illegal in California that is, home of many earthquakes.

There are several people who are now very interested in what the ferrets are up to. They want to be on the "Ferret Warning List."


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